What does the Bible say about Marriage? Help for the Pastor/ Leader Trying to Help Others

If your experience as an educational leader in the church is anything like mine, you quickly will get involved in all sorts of projects that you may (or usually, may not) have any idea about what you are doing!  Such an occasion occurred for me recently, as I was asked to officiate a wedding for a close friend and ministry partner.  While I am honored at the chance to serve a brother and help him start his wedded bliss on a good step, I had to wade through the endless supply of seminary notes and books to figure out exactly what to do as a marriage counselor/ officiant; what resulted was a neat three week journey of learning what was essential about marriage and what every new bride and groom needed to hear.  After a study of the Scriptures concerning marriage, husbands, and wives, my wife and I developed a 5 page study guide to use for a first counseling session to see what God has said about marriage; as a teacher, I wanted to make this resource available to those of you out there in the internet world who, like me, want to provide a Biblical foundation for marriage, but don’t know where to start.  Feel free to walk through this worksheet with your spouse and use it as the Lord leads you!  Good luck as you seek to lead others through this great journey of marriage!